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Cool Dog Sound LLC announces pre-sale for Tyler Keith’s debut novel, The Mark of Cain

There are areas of the Florida Panhandle known for lawless pasts and equally rough presents. Places with a magnetic draw for those who’ve lived and worked there, as Ronnie Harrison soon learns upon his release from prison. Forces conspire to lure Harrison back to the world of moonshine, marijuana, and meth, all three of which happen to be the family business. His struggle for a new life only complicates matters.

Tyler Keith delivers Harrison’s conflicted story in a deft hand, detailing the landscape of his native Florida panhandle as intimately as his complex characters.

Cool Dog Sound LLC is proud to announce the release of Oxford rocker Tyler Keith’s debut novel, The Mark of Cain. Printed in retro pocketbook style, The Mark of Cain is a tale of crime, family, and the hope for redemption.

Born in Florida and now residing in Oxford, Mississippi, Tyler is a veteran rock and roller with a history of touring and recording with bands such as the Neckbones, the Preacher’s Kids, the Apostles, and Teardrop City. Additionally, Keith earned a degree in English Literature at the University of Mississippi, where he studied writing under Barry Hannah. He also earned a master’s degree in Southern Studies and an MFA in Documentary Expression. In 2013, he wrote and performed a musical play, “The Outlaw Biker.”

Bestselling author Ace Atkins called Tyler “a writer of amazing talent with echoes of Jim Thompson and Harry Crews” in The Mark of Cain, which Atkins claims “bleeds with authenticity.”

According to Michael Farris Smith, the author Nick and Blackwood, “Tyler Keith writes with the rhythm and thrum of a gospel choir.”

Author Lisa Howorth (Summerlings and Flying Shoes) refers to The Mark of Cain as “Panhandle Noir. Creepy, and fun!

Giant thanks to Bobby Anderson for creating the promo video.

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